About Us

Diaper cakes are our passion.

Here is a secret. Diaper cakes are made of diapers.

That's right. We bet you didn't expect that. There is more. The best diaper cakes are made of the best diapers. We pick diapers for our cakes based on 3 criteria: quality, size and of course the looks.

All diaper cakes we produce are intended for actual use. We don't use any glue or anything that can stop you from using diapers from our creations. All cakes are assembled in pristine clean conditions and are absolutely easy to disassemble and diapers are absolutely safe to use.

We pick only diapers that are going to make babies comfortable.

Having great experience in taking care of babies, we know what makes a great diaper. We also believe that Pampers, Huggies and several other premium diaper companies share our ideas about diapering.

We pay close attention to the size of diapers to make sure that mother of newborn can use diapers from our cakes as soon as possible. At the same time we want our cakes to look great.

Different manufactures use different patterns and colors. We try to pick the best matching diapers for our cakes. We also use plenty of ribbons and other decorating elements. Many of them are handmade or hand painted. All are of the very high quality and all are absolutely adorable to look at and nice to the touch.

Although you can see our product images on the website, you really have to see product in front of you to appreciate all the cuteness and beauty of our cakes.

We hope to see you as a customer and looking forward to putting smile on your face and everybody on your baby shower.


Contact us: customerservice@DiapercakesMall.com Shavertown, Pennsylvania 18708 Phone: 888-613-6015 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri (EST)
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