Shipping Policy

Diaper Cakes Mall shipping policy

We usually ship your items next business day. All items are shipped with UPS Ground Service or USPS Priority Mail. We pick the best service based on fastest delivery date. Shipping is only $10.00 for each diaper cake.

There is an additional $25 surcharge for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

The date of your diaper cake arrival is an estimate only. This date is based on UPS ground shipping service. It is strongly recommended to plan ahead of your baby shower and have your cake delivered at least 3 days before your event.

All diaper cakes from are carefully packed and secured in high quality shipping boxes to ensure best possible look right out of the packaging. You should be able to enjoy all the beauty of our high quality diaper cakes right out of the box.

If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to send your request to our friendly customer service.




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